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Your Stories

Personal stories are a powerful way to inform people e.g. our neighbours, co-workers, family, and friends, about what it is really like to live with a mental illness. Your story would help to educate our community, bust some myths and misconceptions, and let people get to know what it’s like to have an illness, and how to love and support someone with an illness.

Please share your story by submitting it in writing or discussing with us another format. With your permission, with or without your name, we’d like to post it on our web site and use it as part of our community outreach and education.

Contact us and take the first step toward helping us tell the real story.

Some real life stories have happier endings than others, but all can teach us something:

“Each Step of the Way”
The story of a family coping with dementia and seeking help

 “Mourning Our Two Daniels”
The story of a mother’s struggle to deal with her son’s suicide.

“Robin’s Story”
Follows a man’s ongoing recovery from depression.

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