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Rainy River District Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine (RAAM) Clinic

RAAM provides a safe space where patients can get help from a
– Physician
– Nurse
– Addictions Counsellor
– Peer Support Worker
for your substance use and/or addiction.

Our Goal

The overall goal of the RAAM model is to stabilize patients in the short term and subsequently link them to a community care provider(s) for ongoing monitoring, support, and rehabilitation of their substance use disorder.

What Does RAAM Do?

RAAM offers fast access to medication assisted therapy for alcohol and opioid use disorders.

We provide evidence based addiction medicine, which includes:
Opioid replacement therapy, Burprenorphine, Suboxone/Sublocade – 1st Line,Methadone
Alcohol Urge reduction medication

RAAM also offers brief support/referrals for individuals not currently connected to addiction recovery servcies.

The RAAM Clinic Is…

  1. Client-Centred
  2. Trauma Informed
  3. Without Judgement
  4. A Healing Environment

What RAAM is Not.

  1. It is not a medical detox.
  2. It is not a long term addictions treatment facility.
  3. It is not a family medicine clinic.
  4. It is not a chronic pain clinic.

RAAM Model of Care

  1. Low Barrier
  2. Person-Centred Approach
  3. Bridge Community Services
  4. Immediate Treatment

How to Access RAAM

807-274-2042 ext. 6230
807-274-4807 ext. 1
and request an appointment.


Located at:
206 Victoria Avenue Fort Frances, ON.

Anyone over the age of 16 years who is experiencing substance use issues and is seeking access to medical addiction care, counselling or support can access RAAM

RAAM is accepting of ALL clients. No Referral is Necessary

The RAAM Clinic is a partnership of:

Giishkaandago’Ikwe Health Services

Riverside Healthcare

Gizhewaadiziwin Health Access Centre

The Canadian Mental Health Association Fort Frances Branch

The Northwestern Health Uniit

St. Joseph’s Care Group

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