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Family Support

When someone is diagnosed with a mental illness it can affect the whole family including the parents, children, spouses and siblings.

Family members most often become the primary caregivers to their loved ones.  The District Peer Support Program, Canadian Mental Health Association Fort Frances Branch recognizes how stressful that can be. 1 in 3 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime and we understand how mental illness can affect both the individual who is diagnosed and the family as well.

In response to the family’s need for education and support regarding mental illness, the District Peer Support Program is pleased to offer its Family Support Services.

Services provided

The Family Education and Support Program is a FREE 8 session program for families/friends that are looking for specific skills on how they can be most helpful to their family member’s recovery process. Depending on the need of the family or the individual seeking support, these sessions can be provided either individually, one on one or in a group setting.

Family Education and Support Program Series

Series Outline:

Introduction to the Concept of Mental Health Recovery
· What are we recovering from?
· Diverse approaches to mental health recovery

Pathways to Recovery and Barriers along the way
· Recovery and the impact of support
· Barriers to recovery

Hopelessness and the Power of Hope
· Overcoming feelings of hopelessness

Role of Family and Resilience
· Recognizing inner strength

Role of Family and Resilience – Sharing Family Experiences and Challenges
· Power issues – concept of “power with” vs. “power over”
· Share family experiences and challenging situations

Relationship Building and Communication
· Looking for strengths
· Reframing

Taking Care
· Consumer/survivor wellness recovery planning
· Exploring family self-care
· Identifying boundaries and limit setting

Family Recovery Action Planning
· Family recovery action planning – creating a nurturing environment
· Family recovery skills toolbox
· Final evaluation and feedback

If you know of anyone that may benefit from this program please share this information with them, and for more information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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