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Prescription and Medication Safety

Prescription and Medication Safety

Never take any medication that has been prescribed for a friend or family member
Get prescriptions refilled far enough in advance to avoid running out of medication

Your Medications Could Be a hazard to your Grandchildren

Prescriptions for older adults are some of the most toxic medications, posing the greatest threat of a tragic outcome if swallowed by a child. Even the most loving grandparents can put their grandchildren in danger when they unknowingly overlook simple precautions.

Avoid taking medications in front of young children, as they like to imitate

Many childhood medication accidents involve their grandparent’s prescriptions. Keep your medications out of the reach of children.

Physical Health and Wellness
Physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your physical and mental health. This will also help to improve your quality of life, as you get older.

Some Activities to Choose From…

Benefits From Regular Physical Activity

Being active reduces the risk of:

Getting started is easier than you think. Build physical activity into your daily routine, by doing the activities you are doing now, but just more often. Walk wherever and whenever you can. Start slowly with easy stretching and move around frequently. Slowly add activities to your daily routine that you enjoy.

Food Safety

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